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In Alexander's stint, not only has the NSA's budget blown upbut the agency has saved so much data Nsa head or ass it has filled servers at the headquarters in Ft. Meade and built a new installation in Utah — all to save Internet and communications traffic.

There's one big problem though: Foreign Policy some heas the blunders of the new system:.

Who is Publishing NSA and CIA Secrets, and Why? - Schneier on Security

Later, we had a chance to Nsa head or ass the information. It turns out that all [that] those guys were connected to were pizza shops.

A retired military Nsaa who worked with Alexander also describes a "massive network chart" that was purportedly about al Qaeda and its connections in Afghanistan. Upon closer examination, the retired officer says, Nsa head or ass found there was no data behind the links. No verifiable sources. We later found out that a quarter of the guys named on the chart had already Orlando Florida housewives xxx killed in Afghanistan.

So while portions of the data yielded pizza shops and dead guys, real threats may have gone unnoticed. Typically, filling the proverbial airwaves with misinformation and disinformation is the function of rival governments or factions like Al Qaeda.

In this case, it appears the NSA has been doing Nza much to itself. They're probably getting something on the order of 80 percent of what goes up on the network. Shane Harris writes how Alexander's methods led to "hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people, places, and events [being] connected to each other" in something critics and Nsa head or ass officials called the BAG — for Big Ass Graph.

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Intelligence is all about coming up with something "actionable," meaning authorities can take action based off conclusions analysts make by looking for trends in incoming information. Sometimes that action is preventative, sometimes its against a target.

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From Foreign Policy:. At the turn of the century, Alexander took the big- data approach to counterterrorism. How well that Nsa head or ass worked continues to be a matter of intense debate. Surely discrete interceptions of terrorists' phone calls and emails have helped disrupt plots and prevent attacks.

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But huge volumes of data don't always help catch potential plotters. Sometimes, the drive for more data just means capturing more ordinary people in ir surveillance driftnet.

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Gathering Nsa head or ass much data not only may have made the NSA more hea and expensiveit opened the agency up to years public criticism, ultimately Snowden's epic leak, and quite possibly a set of massive reforms.

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