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By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Curriculum Vitae. David Puts. Escasa-Dorne and Puts, D. Puts, D. The dimensionality of the mating environment influences the evolution parl contest competition.

Goetz, S. Voice of a fighter: Acoustic cues of formidability. Zaidi, A. BOOKS 1.

Human Sexuality: A Holistic Approach. Dubuque, Iowa: Revised as Puts, D.

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The Evolution of Human Sexuality: An Anthropological Perspective, 2nd ed. Motta-Mena, N. Endocrinology of human female sexual behavior, reproduction, and reproductive communication. Hormones and Behavior. Bailey, D.

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Sex hormones and finger lengths: A new analytical approach. Hill, A.

P, Claes, P. Are there vocal cues to human developmental stability? Relationships between facial fluctuating asymmetry and vocal attractiveness.

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Evolution and Human Behavior. Sexual selection on male vocal fundamental frequency in humans and other anthropoids. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.

Del Giudice, M.

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Joel et al. Necka, E. Krems, J. Women selectively guard their desirable mates from ovulating women.

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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Human sexual selection. Current Opinion in Psychology.

Gangestad, S. How valid are assessments of conception probability in ovulatory cycle research? Evaluations, recommendations, and theoretical implications. Doll, L. Sexual selection and life history: Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology. Halley, A.

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Archives of Sexual Behavior. Gonzalez-Santoyo, I. The face of female dominance: Women with dominant faces have lower cortisol.

Fulfilling Desire: Li, Y. Hodges-Simeon, C. Vocal fundamental and formant frequencies are honest signals of threat potential in adolescent males.

Fuck friend Chesterfield Ecology. Wheatley, J. Human Nature: An Interdisciplinary Biosocial Perspective. Claes, P. Modeling 3D facial shape Sexy teacher University park Iowa DNA. Univeristy Genetics. Bossio, J.

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Moderators, Mates, and Matchmakers: Kempe, V. More masculine men articulate less clearly.

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Shriver, and Puts, D. Welling, L. Self-reported sexual desire in homosexual men and women predicts preferences for sexually dimorphic facial cues.

Sexy teacher University park Iowa

Personality and Individual Differences. Deaner, R. A sex difference in the predisposition for physical competition: Males play sports Univeersity more than females even in the contemporary U.

Vandermeulen, D. Sexual dimorphism in multiple aspects of 3D facial symmetry and asymmetry defined by spatially-dense geometric morphometrics. Journal of Anatomy.

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Why women have orgasms: An evolutionary analysis. Sexual selection on human faces and voices. Journal of Sex Research 49 Hormonal contraceptive use and parl retention behavior in women and their male partners.

Biological Sciences Evolution and Human Behavior 33 1: Burriss, R. Mate-preference drives mate-choice: Men's self-rated masculinity predicts their female partner's preference for male facial masculinity. Personality and Individual Differences 51 8: Heterosexual romantic couples mate assortatively for facial symmetry, but not masculinity.

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Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 37 5: Men's attractiveness predicts their preference Sexg female Sexy teacher University park Iowa femininity when judging for short-term, but not long-term, partners. Personality and Individual Differences 50 5: Evolution and Human Behavior 32 2: Voice correlates of mating success in men: Archives of Sexual Behavior 40 3: Intrasexual competition among women: