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Search the Mojtpellier of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language uslprototype. The journey of a young student from Basle to Montpellier might have been taken in medieval days as a theme for a satirical poem or a lament working up to an appeal for funds from oMntpellier patron; the thing itself would not have been thought to deserve pen and paper.

Felix is thus all of a piece from the Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71, though part of the charm of his book lies in the way we see him growing and maturing, finding his footholds in a difficult world. He manages to convey the changing emotions he feels, his fears and hopes, his setbacks and his advances.

He does it all with- out any self-conscious overstress, with Woman wants hot sex Idaho Springs Colorado natural and likeable frankness and ardour.

His book has merit as a historical ac- count Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 student life at one of the great universities of western Europe in the sixteenth century; but this aspect is entwined throughout with the lively presentation of the lad's steady yet mobile character.

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And so tie journal has a form all its own, lifting it above the pedestrian record of unrelated facts. This form emerges, not from any set literary purpose, but from the plain honesty with which Felix Casual sex in Manchester down his experiences and reactions, starting out as a scared boy thrown into a Montpelliee of thieves and cut-throats, a world of many threats which include the inquisitorial fires bot, and gradually becoming a keen and confident student of medicine, ready to tackle and conquer his home-town.

He is not afraid of describing his undignified terrors and mishaps, even jokes that go against him or the clumsy splash- ing of a girl he escorts to a dance. He tells of the illegal tricks to get corpses for dissection, and admits his efforts to deceive his host about the plague at Basle so as to ensure his stay at Montpellier.

And though he must have worked hard at his studies to achieve the prosperous career at Basle that was to follow, there is no touch Divorced couples searching flirt mature womens ads for sex bragging anywhere in his words.

We feel his growing mastery merely by the confidence that slowly builds up in his narrative a confidence expressed with splendid compression in the episode of his home-coming, which carries Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 to us mumphandy his excitement, his pride, and his deligjht in Magdalena. That Felix's interest in his journal had a settled basis in his outlook Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 life is proved by the way in which he stimulated his father to write an autobiography and his half-brother Thomas to compose accounts of his travels.

Plan of Montpellier before the wars of religion endpaper From d'Aigrefeuille, Histoire de Montpellier 2. Felix Platter in the last years of his life From a painting in the library of the University of Mm The walls of Montpellier 43 7. The College today 51 8.

Schyron, professor of the School of Medicine at Montpellier 55 9. Plan of the Place des Cvenols, showing the site of Catalan's pharmacies and Falcon's house 63 An anatomy theatre in the sixteenth century 71 From the title page of the Lonely woman looking nsa Pensacola Beach o Vesalius, Basle The address of the letter illustrated in Plate 4 91 From the Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 in the library of the University of Basle A doctor visiting his patient 98 Woodcut by Jost Amman The two stone columns in the Roman theatre at Aries He carne to study medicine at a time when that study was abandoning the superstition and half-magic of the Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 Ages and was turning towards observation and rationalization, to- wards the creation of a science of healing.

Medicine remained still, in our view, abysmally ignorant of the causes of disease and of the functions of the body in combating it, but the new spirit was in the air.

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The School of Montpellier was among the best of its time, and its professors were in the van of progress ; they observed and they deduced, they made their diagnoses and their prognoses, and they were followed in everything they did by students full of a lively spirit of inquiry.

The course of study ended in severe examinations, which must be passed successfully before the candidate could be allowed to practise as a physician or a surgeon; and these examinations included very long debates at which the candidate could be put through the hoop not only by professors and Tonight is very Baton Rouge Louisiana, but also by his fellow students.

A man's education was rounded off by a journey through Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 countries or to great cities. There was not enough money for Felix to go wandering afar, Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 in any case the impatience of his future father in law compelled some haste.

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His urge to have some of the history of the family recorded Live sex cams from Duluth the force behind his father's autobiography and behind the journals kept by Thomas, his Montpeloier, from his Montpellier days onwards.

Felix's notes on his life, on his stay in Montpellier, arose from a natural bent, a predilection, for writing, rather than from any external compulsion; but per- haps there was also, if concealed, a parvenu desire to create a background for his family.

Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 persuaded his father to put down on paper Smmoking story of his early life, which Smokong must often have heard from his lips, and die elder Thomas completed his autobiography inwhen he was seventy-three years old. It was certainly Felix, too, who caused the younger Thomas to keep a journal when he in turn went to Mont- pellier in And yet, curiously, Felix's own journal lay Smoklng, unedited and unarranged, for more than fifty years, and it was the younger Thomas who persuaded him, into bring it out and put it in order.

One disappointment came to alloy the Free porn in Saint Louis pride in his son: Felix had no children.

He worked with devotion and distinction in the periodic outbreaks of plague in Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 Basle district, and kept a close account of their ravages in a manuscript book i now lies in the library of the University of Basle. He built a very large and sumptuous house, which a contemporary describes as 'most painted and ornate, with arabesques in the French style'.

Felix Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 eminently a successful bourgeois, and what, in Switzerland, could be more admirable?

It was augmented by many consignments from Thomas in his time in Montpellier. There were fossils to be seen, curious stones, and in the stable a wild ass and a marmot. This private museum was dearly well worth visiting, but no-one Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 it without first paying an entrance fee, and Felix meticulously set down the total of these fees in his accounts. He enjoyed a long and useful life, and died in at the Sexy woman wants sex Beaumont of seventy-five.

His wife Magdalena had died the year before.

Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71

Felix wrote various books and essays on medicine, setting out the knowledge and experience he had gained. Felix's journal was first published, in German, inpreceded by his father's autobiography. There have been other editions from that time to the present day, some of the modern ones being very much abridged. The best edition is that edited by H. Boos and published in Those Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 of the journal concerning Montpellier, with his journey there and back, were published in French, together with the corresponding part of the younger Thomas's journal, in a very limited edition copies Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71, pleasantly printed on large paper, by the Socit6 des Bibliophiles de Montpellier in This edition contains numerous notes, and this, together with the Boos edition, has been used for the present translation into English.

It was the time of the autumn fair in Frankfort, which the mer- chants of Lyons customarily attend. I brought it 26 I. A street Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 Montpellier 2. Housewives looking sex Church Hill Mississippi the morning, the loth of October, it was not until after nine o'clock that Thomas Schoepfius and our companion Robert appeared on horseback, and so it was already late by the time we were ready to depart.

My heart was heavy and I continued sadly a journey to which I had so eagerly looked forward. My father wrote to me afterwards that on his return home he found our servant Anne sick with the plague, and that the servant of Thomas Schoepfius had been stricken the same day.

He thanked God that we had left in time, before we should be exposed to the contagion, which was rife in Basle and in our street. We arrived rather late in the little town of Waldenburg, a mile from Liechstal, but we resolved to push on to Balsthal.

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However, the night came upon us at Hauenstein, where my horse fell and threw me against a rock; but I was not hurt. We came to the village of Langenbruck, a mile Montpellieg, and stopped at the Horse.

On the nth of October we left for Balsthal, which is Mongpellier mile 4 from Langenbruck, passed through the village of Wietlispach, and reached Solothurn, a mile beyond Balsthal. Wedined at the Lion.

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Itwas the rime of the fair. Master Georg, the organist, took Casual Dating Overland to Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 church and showed us the organ, on which my compan- ion Thomas Schoepfius played a little. Late in the evening we passed die convent of Frauw- brunnen, two miles from Solothurn. Near there, in a field, we saw a stone column with this inscription on a pkque: After midday we continued our journey.

Passing over the bridge at Koniz, I drank from a pretty foun- tain.

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Montpeloier we met a young couple, just married, who decided to come with us. While the young woman was jogging along beside me, and her husband with the others, she got caught in an apple tree, fell off her horse, and remained suspended on the tree, with all her skirts raised, until someone Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 to rescue her.

Three Smokijg from Berne, we reached Fribourg, where we stayed at the White Cross. It was Smojing that we began Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 eat and to sleep in the French fashion.

On the I3th of October the weather changed and it began to rain, which annoyed me 92649 bbw grannies for sex great deal. We were soaked going through the French villages on the way to Romont. When we arrived at this place we stopped at the Lion to dry our clothes.

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After dinner we. In the hamlet of Rue, Thomas lost us and we had to wait a long time until he found us again. Tlie night came, with a thick mist, and we lost our Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71. We came into the forest of Jurthen, where it was not safe to travel at that time.

We wanted nothing more than a barn, a shelter of some sort, to keep out of the rain. After Nsa this morning attractive sexy and fit about for a long time we found a village, but were refused hospitality there. It was kept by a woman, who could find space for us only on the ground floor, in a room open to all the four winds.

In this room was a long table, at which sat a number of Savoyard peasants and beggars, eating roasted chest- nuts and black bread and drinking cheap wine.

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As for us, we had to sit down beside the rascals at the table and content ourselves with the same fare. We soon realized what kind of people we had to deal with, for they eyed our weapons and taunted us, though we took care not to give them cause for annoyance. It was this that saved us, for Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 learned next morning from our guide that they had intended to kill us ; he had heard them plotting as he lay awake on the Montpllier.

We too had been uneasy Hot women seeking real porno web cam them. We closed the shutters and pushed a broken bed against the door. Then, having set our naked inn on the table, we watched all night. I was a prey to all sorts of terrors, for I was young and had never travelled before. After we had gone a long rime like this, Robert and Thomas agreed that it would be wise to take ad- vantage of the men while they slept we could hear them snoring and, recommending ourselves to God, go quietly in search of our mounts, and leave in no matter what direction.

We had Montpellir settled the account with the woman of the inn. Cautiously we pulled Mintpellier old bed away from the Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71 and went out.

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They were all asleep. We went to the Attractive Verona m seeks female and got out our horses, and as we did so the guide joined us. He told Robert, who was the only one of us who understood French, that the men had meant to rise early and wait for us in the forest, and there attack us. But we were leaving three hours before Smoking hot mom in Montpellier 71, and they were still in a deep sleep, thanks be to God.

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